Enterprise IT Solutions

The ECM Stack



Capture is the process of preparing, collecting, and indexing content before being stored in an ECM Platform.


Storage is the physical and logical storage of content and associated metadata.


The Manage portion of Enterprise Content Management comprises all aspects around governance of the system. This includes informal and formal policies for users, the requirements for how content is captured, the requirements for how content is stored and secured, what is involved in records management, how and when content is deleted or consumed, and finally, but most ignored, how the system grows.


The content delivery stage is the process of enhancing content with new information or consuming the content it already has. This includes editing of existing documents, changing of metadata, sharing of the content with other users, co-editing and versioning. 


Process is taking what has been stored in content and incorporating it into another line-of-business activity.


Content preservation is about taking that active content generated as part of ECM and moving it to a location in a format that can be accessed, although infrequently, in the foreseeable future.


We implement systems such as Microsoft SharePoint, IBM Filenet, Laserfiche, and Kofax solutions.

Our ECM offering includes the integration with other systems including business legacy systems, ERP, eCommerce and databases.


Document Digitization Services

Large organizations usually produce large amounts of documents that include handwritings, signatures and comments. 

These documents can build up large amounts of Backlog Files that consume valuable space and require significant time and effort to manage.  

We offer Document Digitization Services for both Backlog and Current documents. 

Our services include:


  • Data Migration: from physical to electronic or between different electronic sources.
  • Data Extraction: extracting information from documents
  • Data Entry: using both OCR and manual data entry
  • Document Sorting
  • File Organizing
  • Document Scanning
  • Audio and Video Digitation

Records Management

We offer complete records management solution. Our solution includes documents and records management systems, physical files tracking (using RFID and other methods), physical files storing solutions and records log.

Workflows and Correspondence Systems

  • We offer complete work collaboration and process workflow systems.
  • Correspondence Management System. It manages correspondence of both inbound and outbound, their distribution, task assignment, task follow up, information metadata, categorization and linkage.
  • We also offer Meetings Management System.